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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The New York Times - Euro Zone Reports Record Joblessness Rates and Low Inflation

The New York Times - Euro Zone Reports Record Joblessness Rates and Low inflation
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Place your bets! For some reason I think that both numbers are much higher - particularly when you talk to anyone who shops regularly for groceries. Governments everywhere are fixing the CPI number in order to keep interest rates low and manage a "silent bail-out of the Banks" and to keep the Rich and Bankers solvent.

These high jobless numbers will have very serious political implications shortly. Expect a European Spring or Summer with massive protests, strikes and mayhem. Take Portugal, where unemployment for those under 25, now approaches an UNBELIEVABLE - 40 percent. 

This is another powder keg country,suffering from years of bad growth economics, that platformed overpopulation, climate chaos, and rapid resource depletion and misuses. The last time this happened, some funny looking short guy with a big mouth came to power when all seemed so hopeless. People get desperate.

The Euro Zone, like the Middle East, is also starting to transform itself into one big Nauru Paradigm - and you can't draw blood from stones, like these. Visit Nauru - see for yourself. What a mess.

Dr Peter G Kinesa
March 7, 2013    

When times are desperate...people change...never forget!

BTW: They are not voting for a new Pope 

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