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Friday, February 22, 2013

Detroit Continues Its Descent into the World of Mad Max

Detroit Continues Its Descent into the World of Mad Max



Want to look into the future? America's future? The global future? Then look no further than Detroit. Or Newark, Buffalo. Akron, New Orleans or many other American cities. And we can ask so many questions? Like why do they look like Third World nations? Is this really the richest country on Earth? Or how's about a simple; What happened to America?

If anything tells us that the metrics used by economists; measures such as GDP, are meaningless as a means of managing real world activties, then these everyday examples of inner city decay, should prove the point beyond any doubt. Sure it is well documented that Americans migrated to the cozy suburbs miles from the cities, as the automobile provided a means of escape. But add to this, the stripping away of the industrial heartland by Walmart and China, the shifting to a service-based economy, and the conversion of homes into ATM machines; these all created and contibuted to this civil destruction. So the crabs that are now left in the inner-city barrel, have  little hope of rising above theses dark depressed streets of despair - the streetcar named desire does not travel their anymore. Stellaaaa...

Some believe that these cities will be revived when gas prices drive the automobile to its inevitable extinction. But will the jobs return  to these cities? Will the manufacturing base return back from China? Unlikely, as the scarcity of  raw materials is going to make any sort of manufacturing anywhere on this planet difficult. In the end, the only thing still missing from this permanent picture of the American Dream and Global future is - MAX!

And how sad, this all is...

Dr Peter G Kinesa
February 21, 2013   

Who will run our cities?


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