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Friday, December 14, 2012

Jim Rogers: I would like to find a way to invest in North Korea

Jim Rogers: I would like to find a way to invest in North Korea*

North Korea? Really? Too funny - we just do not know if we should laugh or cry about this implied advice? Certainly, Mr Rogers must regret these remarks in view of recent events, Then again; never mind recent events, how about the on-going atrocities of this evil blood-drenched regime. Oh well, why should anyone believe in moral capitalism when there is a buck to be made? Ask any mercenary...

Well Jim I guess we know what side you're on and who you expect to win the inevitable confrontation. Gotta love Geo-political investing.

Any other bets?

First Financial Insights
December 14, 2012

*Investors' Insights Comments posted December 14, 2012

Wow! Can you believe this comment by Jim Rogers? Some still clearly believe that "money has no smell" - that is, until it smells. For sure, by now Jim must understand that North Korea is one of the most dangerous regimes on the planet set on an unknown nuclear course. Shame, Shame!

So, I wholeheartedly concur with FFI's opinion and just wonder when does business, economic and investment support become not only treasonous, but an outright crime against humanity? Clearly, we all need to rise to a higher standard or risk becoming associated with and supporters of the worst enemies of civilization, along with their sick cowardly deeds.

WE should not wait until their missiles are landing in our backyards to understand the gravity and consequences of how business and geo-political activities are inter-connected. Because waiting until then, would leave so few of us with much else to wait for...

Dr. Peter Kinesa
December 14, 2012

"there will be peace in our time" 

Never ever, ever, ever FORGET...

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