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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jim Rogers Blog: 2013-14: A Slowdown Is Coming

Jim Rogers Blog: 2013-14: A Slowdown Is Coming

America is going to have a slowdown in 2013-14, there will be fewer jobs, more unemployment and turmoil in oil and currency markets. - in Ec...

There is no doubt about it - and, there is very little left in terms of fiscal or monetary tools to fix this mess... essentially the wreckage of the 2008 crisis. Abtractionist economists are finally facing the end game of their alchemist remedies and as we have said: the markets remain in the " The Mother of All Bear Markets" that could last for years...if not. decades.

What we face is the physical realty of drawing blood from a stone, a shrinking pie of resources mixed with a growing number of diners; remains a  hard mathematical constraint to any further growth, particularly on a per capita basis - the only metric that really counts.

Welcome back to Hoover Town.

Dr Peter G Kinesa
November 15, 2012   

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