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Friday, September 6, 2013


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Not Again?

One cannot stress enough the urgency of this systemic issue that has the potential to lead to wide-spread drops in food production. From butterflies to bees  this is not a problem that is localized to one city, nation or continent. And it goes without saying that the loss of these pollinators could lead to more than just a deep economic depression - the potential for famine, social unrest and geo-political instability comes attached.

A few weeks back Bugonomics may have been out of sight and out of mind, but it has hit the leading headlines of the international press with a vengeance, both in North America and Europe. We sense that the other continents are not immune to this issue, as well. 

More than the eloquence of Churchill will be required to bring the force needed to wrestle this almost invisible enemy to the ground. Let's hope that it may be contained to just a gathering storm!

Dr Peter G Kinesa
September 30th, 1938

September 30,1938

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